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Fancy trying Angel Face makeup but not sure if you’re going to like it!? Well we are so sure you’ll love it we’re offering sample sized products for just £2. Not only that but we’re also offering free postage and packaging (UK customers only) so there really is nothing stopping you from making the change to our vegan friendly, eco-friendly Angel Face Mineral cosmetics.

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Our mineral foundations are perfectly blended to be comfortable to wear, very long lasting and versatile.

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Our mineral foundation powder can be applied in a variety of ways to suit your lifestyle.

Dry and light – preparing your skin with our rejuvenating face cream, then swirling some foundation mineral powder into your brush and buffing onto your skin, is perfect for an enhancing, light, simple covering.

Creamy and covering – mixing together a small amount of rejuvenating cream with a sprinkle of
foundation mineral powder on the back of your hand and buffing onto your skin with your kabuki brush creates an subtle unblemished effect.

Lighten it with liquid – Mixing a dash of spritz water, floral water or your favourite toner with a little powder, can offer flawless, light, long-lasting coverage when buffed onto your skin with a kabuki brush.

Summertime colour – Hand mixing your foundation to perfectly match your fluctuating skin tones, by blending a small refill of your desired mixer into your existing foundation, provides the perfect summer colour.

See our exclusive tutorials for tips on applying and mixing.

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Foundation Tone

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Titanium Dioxide
Zinc Oxide
Iron Oxides
Silica C177007, C177288

It’s your skin, so it matters, which is why we ONLY use enhancing, protective and regenerative ingredients in our mineral foundations. Unlike most commercial products we don’t include any harmful micronized particles or chemicals*, so only the good stuff can be absorbed by your skin.

Kaolin, an expensive natural clay ingredient with amazing naturally occurring antibacterial qualities. It protects the skin from the sun and free radical damage, whilst also promoting healthy skin tissue renewal. Plus the magical clay particles help reduce shine and allow impeccable coverage.

Allantoin, a natural plant extract which is a botanical powerhouse for moisturising your skin. It is utterly indispensable for anyone with sensitive skin conditions, particularly eczema and acne, as it offers natural anti-inflammatory relief and helps stimulate healthy tissue growth.

Titanium Dioxide, another great mineral which not only naturally protects your skin from sun damage, but also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines thanks to its amazing light scattering properties.

Zinc Oxide, a vegan-friendly natural pigment which provides the colour in our mineral foundation powder as well as naturally protecting your skin from the sun and providing anti-inflammatory benefits for sensitive skin.

Silica, balances skin oils to maintain an enhancing, flawless skin coverage.

And finally, Mica , which helps reduce fine lines and open your pores to create an impeccable look.

Our products work with your skin to enhance its quality, so we leave out the nasty stuff* which causes skin irritation or promotes premature ageing, like Bismuth Oxychloride, Talcs and Cornstarch, Parabens, Toxic preservatives, Mineral oils, Silicone or Lanolin.

We use the following colour scale to distinguish between the tones of our foundations.

01 – for very fair skin with pink undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)

02 – fair skin with more yellow undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring)

03 – fair to medium skin tone with pink, peach or yellow undertones which can tan easily (typically for people with blue or turquoise vein colouring)

04 – Olive/Mediterranean skin tones which can tan easily, or Asian/Eastern skin tones (typically for people with green vein colouring)

05 – dark skin which can tan easily with ashy, peach or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)

06 – dark skin which can tan very easily with red or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring)

Because of the blend of ingredients that we use in our mineral foundations they can be easily mixed with different consistencies to adapt to different skin types and your desired finish. Here are some ideas of how you can apply the foundation. Have a play and see what works best for you.

  • Always moisturise the face about 3-5 minutes before applying the foundation (for best results we recommend using our specially designed rejuvenating face cream which is suitable for all skin types, please see how to video for this) and then moisturising again after removing make up before bed.
  • We recommend you exfoliate your face with a gentle natural exfoliator at least once a week.
  • For best results we recommend applying our foundation with our specially designed synthetic hair kabuki brushes as they are durable, very dense and super soft enabling the products to apply like a dream, last longer and prevent causing any abrasion on application.
  • Use the dab and swirl technique with the foundation brush when applying. Dabbing all over first helps to distribute the product all over the face, swirling and buffing helps to work the foundation into the skin.
  • The foundation lays like a veil on the skin and allows your skin to breath underneath which is why it lasts so well and feels so comfortable to wear.
  • Do not apply too much foundation at once, this will look too powdery. Instead build the coverage by lots of little layers until you achieve your desired coverage.
  • Don’t be afraid to buff well in to the skin if need be and also apply around the eyes and lids (just make sure you close them while applying around them)
  • You can use a smaller brush to apply the foundation under eyes and on blemishes / dark spots as a concealer first
  • Apply the foundation dry by swirling in lid and dabbing and buffing small layers at a time all over the face, this is best for normal to oily skin or for a lighter coverage and to a create a Matt finish.
  • Apply the foundation damp after moisturising by spraying 2-3 sprays of water in the lid with product and then dabbing and buffing all over the face, this is best for any skin type and for heavier coverage. Be mindful not to get the brush too damp.
  • Apply with face cream by rubbing a small amount of face cream on back of hand, blending the foundation kabuki into it to achieve a very fine coating on the brush and then dabbing and buffing all over the face, this is best for normal to dry skin and will create a heavier coverage and more dewy finish. Be mindful not to use too much moisturiser.
  • Apply with serum by rubbing a very small amount of serum on back of hand, blending the foundation kabuki into it to achieve a very fine coating on the brush and then dabbing and buffing all over the face, this is best for normal to dry skin and will create a heavier coverage and more dewy finish. Be mindful not to use too much serum. If you find that it oxidises then you may need to use a less oily serum. This depends on your skin type.
  • Apply with sun cream by rubbing a very small amount of serum on back of hand, blending the foundation kabuki into it to achieve a very fine coating on the brush and then dabbing and buffing all over the face, this is best for normal to dry skin and will create extra sun protection , heavier coverage and more dewy finish. Be mindful not to use too much sun cream. If you find that it oxidises then you may need to use a less oily sun cream. This depends on your skin type. Our foundations do offer a factor 15 sun protection which would be ok in weak sun but in stronger sun and warmer conditions we do recommend using extra sun protection on the face and staying in the shade in hottest times of the day to prevent damaging your skin.
  • Apply as a tinted moisturiser by sprinkling a little foundation over a blob of face cream, serum or sun cream, blend into fingertips and massage all over face for a very light coverage. This will not be as long lasting as using any of the above application procedures.
  • Glowy Mix a little illuminator in with your foundation to create a more all over glowy look
  • Extra coverage Mix a little concealer in with your foundation for extra coverage
  • Darken Mix a little bronzer in with your foundation to darken
  • Oil control Mix a little finishing powder in with your foundation for extra oil control
  • Pink tone Mix a little blusher in with your foundation for a more pink tone
  • Tan Mix a little 06 foundation in with your water resistant sun cream for an all over subtle summer tan
  • On fair to medium skin you can use the 05 foundation as a Matt bronzer / contour powder, eye shadow
  • The foundation blends with your own skins oils so even if you do slightly over apply it will blend after 20 minutes.
  • Cleaning brushes To clean your brushes we recommend spot cleaning only. Use an alcohol spray or a gentle anti bacterial spray/gel. Spray about 3 times on the surface of your brush and wipe around on a piece of kitchen towel, repeat until it brushes clean. Alternatively put a bit of gel on the kitchen towel and rub brush around in it until it brushes clean. DO NOT submerge the brush into water , this will loosen the glue holding the bristles in place and you will start to notice the bristles coming out of the brush over time. If only using on yourself we recommend cleaning once a week.  If using on customers as a make up artist it is essential that you clean after use on each customer.
  • If applying evening make up you do not need to remove your day time make up and start again, you will get great coverage by applying over the top of your day time make up as the product would have worked in so well with your own skins oils creating a perfect base.
  • Removing At night we recommend removing your angel face products either under a hot shower or apply a natural cleanser and remove with a wet and hot flannel. Cleaning until all is off. If you do end up leaving the products on overnight they will not clog your pores so will not cause breakouts in the morning like chemical comedogenic products would. The only disadvantage to it is you may end up with make up on your pillow.

3 reviews for Mineral Foundation Samples

  1. Sheena Owen (verified owner)

    Such a great idea to offer samples and in each there’s more than enough powder for a light or full coverage. I ordered 1-3 as I wasn’t sure which to choose. I’ve gone for the 3 as it’s suitable for my fair skin (I’m brunette). I can keep the others too for the winter when I’m a little paler or just need to mix up the colour. Great finish and so far no shine, which is great as I get oily skin. So glad I’ve made the change to a local and natural product.

  2. Caroline Drewett (verified owner)

    Very customer friendly offering samples, and with free postage you can order alternatives if your first order isn’t the right shade for you. I’m hopeless at looking in the mirror and deciding what my skin colouring is. I ordered 02 & 03 foundation, with both the blushers, as I thought 01 would be too pale. As it turned out, neither shade was right and I ordered the 01 shade – it’s perfect! Couldn’t decide on the blushers so am going for both. I have used organic make-up from another UK company for years because of my sensitive skin, but never been completely satisfied and have been looking for an alternative. Thankfully I decided to search for ‘plastic free’ following a recent TV documentary about plastic use and up popped Angel Face. Very impressed with both product and the packaging options. I have not used a mineral powder before but had no problems with application. I am now about to place an order for my full-size products, and a trial of the concealer. I do not wear makeup often and avoid a heavily made-up look; but think I will be wearing it more now I have found such a good Eco, skin friendly, UK brand, with which I can achieve a look that’s natural. Fast delivery too. Looking forward to receiving lots of compliments on my new look.!

    • Angel Face (verified owner)

      Hi Caroline many thanks for your review and your very kind words, it so much appreciated by us at Angel Face and we love hearing what our customers think x

  3. Emily (verified owner)

    These foundation samples are a great way to trial makeup before buying the whole product – if only more makeup brands did this! I started using bare minerals recently to be kinder to my acne prone skin – however it is expensive to keep buying their products and also, their packaging is not completely eco friendly or recyclable. I came across angelface, a local brand, and thought I’d try it out. I love the zero waste packaging for starters, the refill pots are a great idea and the mineral foundation actually has much better coverage than bare minerals! Thank you angelface, I am very pleased with the samples and I will be buying from you again!

    • Angel Face (verified owner)

      Hi Emily Thank you so much for the review. we love the samples, giving people that opportunity to try before they buy. We believe the superior coverage and healing properties of our minerals give our customers a great product and a great price too. Your taking the time spread the word and share your thoughts means so much us x

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