Our Ethos

Angel Face was born out of the desire to bring together a cosmetic brand and skin care range that is simple to apply, natural to wear and versatile enough to create endless different looks. We also ensure our brand takes responsibility for the welfare of the environment as well as animal welfare concerns.

All the good stuff…

none of the bad

Beautiful user-friendly products created by Professional Make Up Artists with a ‘simple to choose and use’ range of products. No fancy names, they just do what they say on the tin with supportive how to videos to help you to get the best out of your products.

We have kept out the drying, irritating and cheap minerals like talc, cornstarch and bismuth oxychloride and added in beneficial healing high grade ingredients such as kaolin and allantoin. We use zinc oxides instead of any animal derived ingredients to create colour and no animal testing is involved in the making of our products.

The perfect blend of ingredients in our products means that they are long lasting, light and comfortable to wear and perfect for any skin type and age when used alongside our rejuvenating face cream. The properties not only offer good coverage and radiance but are also beneficial to the skin while wearing it.

Angel Face Mineral Cosmetics help to contribute in giving mineral make up the growing reputation it deserves.

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